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November 16 2015


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November 01 2015


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October 24 2015


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October 15 2015


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October 10 2015


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October 09 2015


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October 08 2015


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October 03 2015


How to Avoid Libel

Learn How to Avoid Libel as a JournalistUnderstanding what constitutes libel isnt much use if a journalist cannot effectively apply those principles to practice. Ensuring that all published claims are accurate is not enough; a journalist must know how the concept of privilege can be applied to their dealings.

The following tips were offered by Doug-Wood Boyle, who has worked in the field of print and radio journalism, along with the field of public relations. These tips are designed to help journalists avoid libel, but its important to note that laws do vary from state to state and therefore whats deemed libelous in one jurisdiction may be exempted in another locale.

Avoid Libel Understand the Facts

Misinterpreting the facts on which you report can result in inaccuracies that can constitute libel. Therefore, its important to verify the facts with your sources and be sure you have a clear understanding of the facts in a case before you report. And dont be afraid to ask questions! Its better to ask questions and get the facts correct than to keep silent and publish an inaccurate piece.

Quote Correctly to Avoid Libel

Misquoting a subject can lead to skewed reports that can be libelous in some cases, so its vital that reporters maintain accuracy. Recording interviews is one way to help ensure proper quoting, as the quotes can be verified.

It's also important for a journalist to ensure that quotes are presented in proper context. The meaning of a statement can vary dramatically depending upon the context, so it's vital to ensure that a writer presents the quotations in the way that they were intended by the speaker. Presenting a quote in the incorrect context is a form of misquoting.

To avoid libel, writers and journalists must always ask questions if they are uncertain about a statement or fact.

Use Clear Wording to Avoid Libel

Ambiguous, vague or otherwise non-specific wording can result in a misleading and inaccurate report. This inaccurate report may be considered libelous! So for this reason, it's important to review your article and to ask another person to proofread the piece.

The journalist is already familiar with the information presented in their report, so another person is more apt to spot unclear or ambiguous wording. In cases where potentially libelous statements are made, its wise to have another person (who is familiar with the workings of libel) review the report prior to publication. What may seem like a clear statement to the author may appear confusing, vague or misleading to the reader.

Learn What Proceedings are Official and What Documents are Public Record

Reporting impartially and correctly on official events and absolves a reporter of liability in many libel cases, as its covered under qualified privilege. Therefore, its vital that journalists understand what proceedings and documents are considered public record.

Journalists Must Remain Impartial

Strong opinions on an issue will often be reflected in a piece, so its important to maintain an unbiased stance when reporting. Be sure to present both sides of a story and include other balancing information.

Personal opinions should be reserved for the Op-Ed page. Ulterior motives and malice on the part of a journalist eliminate privilege.

Verify Submissions for Publication to Avoid Libel

There have been cases where pranksters have submitted marriage announcements for individuals who are involved in a dispute or disagreement. Someone may also submit a letter to the editor under another person's name in an attempt to harm that individual's reputation or to cause embarrassment.

Publishing a letter to the editor that's falsely attributed to a particular individual or publishing a fake marriage announcement leaves a journalist vulnerable to accusations of libel. For these reasons, it's important to verify each and every submission to a publication by calling and/or emailing the party.

Related Reading

Visit the Resources for Writers Page for additional tips and articles, including What is Libel? and How to Detect and Stop Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement Online.


October 02 2015


Easy Online Jobs from Home

Everybody wants a job that pays good, at a location that is near to home, has convenient timings, and is easy to do. Such a job is almost like a distant dream that is difficult to fulfill. Nowadays, even students and kids want to earn extra money; and search for easy jobs. Where do you get such ideal jobs? Well, one place where you will find plenty of such jobs is the Internet. It won't be an exaggeration if I say that the huge world of Internet has job for everyone! All you need to do is go online and search for the right job, which can fulfill your requirements. The best thing about online jobs is that you do not need to have a high qualification or a great resume. All you need is a computer, basic computer knowledge, and the willingness to work. There are online jobs that even kids with no developed skill can do!

Work from Home Online Jobs

Online Surveys: I am sure you must have searched the Internet before buying a certain product, to go through its review. Internet is one place where people all around the world discuss their experiences regarding the various things they use. The companies that sell products and services are aware of this fact, which is why they need people who can work for them. All you will have to do is take online surveys about the company's products or services, and submit it back. Before that, you will have to fill a form, which will explain you the terms and conditions of that specific company. You will get a good pay for doing such surveys; the more surveys you do, the more pay you will get.

Data Entry: This is one of the easy online jobs for college students or anyone else who has a basic knowledge of computers. You have to enter data into the organization's database. The company may provide you with a special software, which will simplify your work. Searching for data entry jobs from home is very easy, just type the words data entry; and you will get the first 50 sites offering you a job! However, all of these sites may not be are real, so be careful. Do not register with any company which asks you to send money to their account for registration, as most of the time, these companies are fake.

Customer Care: This is not only one of the easy and real online jobs, but also an interesting one! There are many companies who carry out all their work online. Like any other non-internet company, these companies also require customer care executives who can work from home. So all you have to do, is talk on the phone with the customers, through the headsets they provide. What can be more interesting and easy than getting paid for talking in a professional tone, that too while sitting at home! Therefore, this tops the best work at home jobs list.

Editing Thesis: As the name suggests, this job profile is that of an online editor cum proofreader. Websites will provide you with content that you will need to scrutinize and check thoroughly. So if you are good at grammar, this is an easy and good job for you!

These were some of the easiest online jobs. Research on all the jobs mentioned above, and pick any one, which suits you the best. But do remember that online jobs are not much different from real jobs, so be ready to put the same amount of efforts as that in real jobs.


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October 01 2015


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September 30 2015


electric powered skateboard would be the new standard

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September 29 2015


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